Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Notes: 8 Chi Habits Video

Bits and pieces of small 11-year old note paper...

Notes for Ed:

On second video:

"Before AwakeNING"
"Before GOING TO THE tiolet"

On third video:

Healing moves, being plural, should have plural verbs: make, decrease, etc.

Notes for Me:

1. INTENT is the key:
a. Move the Energy
b. Focus INSIDE the Body

I hope there will be a small poster to serve as reminders of the Moves.

2. interesting words:
a. Power
b. Grace

3. Goals I can work for:
a. Decrease Belly (it bothers me)
b. Flexibility
c. Flow

4. Inner Smile:
Against negative feeling

5. Heart Kung Fu
Thankful heart, Positive attitude/outlook.
ended up coughing, pawis. Should wathc the video again. Probably not doing it right.

6. Water: + Intention (forgot that!)

7. eating:
before eating: Calm down, fruit
During eating: Chew.

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