Sunday, January 2, 2011

One year later...

Happy 2011!

Ed wants to re-do the Chi Habits Project and I promised to help him with it. Go Ed!

Where to start?

We need this Pillar Content write up on Where and How to start.

The answer is Right Now with Me!

What do I want from this?
1. A peace-filled mind
2. Better health
3. Self-knowledge, translating to...
4. Work done satisfyingly, on time.

What boons do I have?
1. An open mind, a work-in-progress
2. A learning approach
3. Time
4. Hope! (I'd like to say Determination, but am too much of a coward...)

I'd like to look at this as a means to sharpen my tools so that I can achieve better and with more people :) I'd like to start this Learning Community with public school teachers and am hoping to extend myself in the next year... I'm putting together my stuff for this year and putting together the community site and so on, so that by this time next year we will have 50 or more active members of the community and I would have become a habitual writer/blogger/journaller by then.

A good advise comes from Seinfeld of, well, Seinfeld: Get a calendar that spans a wall, and put your daily goal in it. Then for each day that you have done your goal, cross that off with a marker. Eventually, you will see a chain forming. The idea is NOT to break the Chain.

I remember that the first step is to develop the right posture and the correct breathing.
From the book: The 8 Chi Habits work at
1. Gathering Chi
2. Plugging leaks
3. Removing blockages
4. Moving Chi
5. Balancing and Harmonizing

I am now practicing my Chi Stance and taking note of my breathing. I've adopted an indian sitting position I wouldn't have used if it were one year ago, before I had my Hilot sessions because my hips would have complained back then. Hilot is really good for the body, but I'd love to be able to do something for myself, regularly. Something that is also good for the mind, clearing, and satisfying.

My diaphragm is tight, and my breathing is not relaxed. My back is tight, and something aches at waist level at the back... I hope to see some improvement on this the more that I do it.

I'm finally getting my teeth fixed (yay!) and also my kids', with this nice dentist who is really accommodating and doesn't charge too much, just right. Go Dr. Albano!

Flylady says "Let's Do Seven in 2011!" This could be my Chain-making Goal!

What will my Magnificent Seven be?

To breathe
To drink
To hug

To dream
To plan
To do

and finally...
To Thank!

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  1. Great ideas here! Ate Sol, I'll follow the correct posture and breathing thingy...ano ba yung correct breathing? hingang malalim? hehe
    Seinfield! Nakakamiss:-)
    Go and do your magnificent 7:-)
    Nagpalinis ako ng ngipin last week dito, parang galit ang dentist sa ngipin ko!:(