Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some things to remember...

From Ed's Book, "The Way of the Wellness Warrior"

These exercises are simple and can be done anywhere to
Gain the wisdom from knowing oneself and the nature of
forces that prevents one from attaining one’s goals;
Learn techniques from taichi to overcome problems that
hinder us from winning in our daily life battles.

A. Think in terms of martial games –
1) 21-Day war
2) Daily battles
3) Enemy identification
4) Strength and weaknesses of enemy and your forces
5) Opportunities and threats
6) Strategy & counter strategy
7) Winning finally, losing and learning
8) Training
9) Resources
10) Timing

B. Identify situations, conditions, events that would stop
you from fulfilling your commitment goals. For example:
1) Woke up too late
2) Too tired to do anything before sleeping
3) Mind too preoccupied with problems and concerns
at work or at home
4) Not in the mood to do this project

C. Reframe the situation as a martial game and play it to
win and/or to learn event:
1) Each commitment period which you have to fulfil
for compliance is a battle of engagement if you
encounter a resistance;
2) The enemy is the force you have to contend with
and neutralize; Recognize and acknowledge the
enemy to be within you;
3) You lose if unable to fulfil compliance of your

D. How to Score the Game: Winning, Losing & Learning
1) You win because there is practically no resistance,
there is little or no learning here; (1 pt)
2) You win despite of an overwhelming resistance. You
could have lost, but eventually you won only after a
long or difficult maneuvering. There is great
learning and experience here; (3 pts)
3) You lose, but the loss may be investment or not:
4) It is total loss if you did not learn from it and may
have even lost your fighting spirit; (-1 pt)
5) It is an investment if you understood why you lost
and had gained wisdom from your struggle against
an overwhelming force. This is better than winning
without learning. Your spirit is high as you are more
ready for future battles.(2 pts)
To win the war you must be able to gain at least 21pts
in 21 days.

Learn and use, taichi concepts to win.

When to do:
While this can be done at numerous times in a day, it is best to
make the Journaling as well as Taichi Thinking commitment at
specific periods such as
1) Upon awakening or better even before rising, put your
intention on how best to go through the day
2) Before going to sleep would be the best time to organize
your notes and put them down on your Chi Journal.
3) During work breaks
4) You can do reflection and short notes while:
5) Commuting or while driving through heavy traffic
6) While doing Chi Stances
7) For how long each time:
8) Just set a minimum like 30 minutes for actual writing, which
you can divide up to 3 period of 10 minutes at different
parts of the day. It is helpful to do the last part of the
writing before you sleep to give a closure to your day
activities as this would also help you sleep better.
9) For the reflection and jotting down random notes, this can
be as little as 1 minute to as long as you like as when
commuting long distances.

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