Wednesday, January 5, 2011

In the mood for sleep...

Beware Mountain Dew!!!

I had mountain dew two nights ago because I figured I havent had it for, like, 20 years, and I'd like to ehem, reconnect :) turns out it was loaded with caffeine, more than coffee or even coke, and it left me awake all night, not a tiny bit of sleep!

I had a really busy morning, which left me all too sleepy after lunch, and I caught a really tiny 45-minute nap, from which my sweet DS9 woke me. Thankfully, that is, because I had to catch a 2 PM meeting, which turned out to be equally sleep-inducing, because I was on teleconferencing, and they were discussing minutae of foliage for the upcoming anniversary. Foliage! good grief! Thankfully I was awake in time for my report, a whole five minutes of it, and maybe five minutes thereafter, of the 2 hour meeting... Nonetheless it was a good show, but believe me when I say that I have no wish to discuss foliage after a day and a half of no sleep.

Which just shows that my age is showing. I used to be able to discuss almost anything after three days of no sleep!

Anyway... how goes my Chi Habits?

I've decided that I will call myself determined. That's my new middle name. Lazy doesnt cut it anymore. I'm determined and I'm doing this!

But it does take a lot of getting used to. My body is getting spoiled with all the water that I'm drinking, hehe, and all my trips to the bathroom. Thankfully I'm mostly home-based or office-based but when I'm out of my usual haunts it really is somewhat difficult. My standards for toilet cleanliness has matured once I've started cleaning my own bathroom, and I cant stand wet, icky toilets!

Anyway, my new bag, that DH has chosen for me, has a nice compartment for umbrellas and a nice compartment for a water bottle :) I was wondering what that compartment was for until I tried putting my water bottle there. Perfect!

With regards to breathing and drinking and food, I've yet to become mindful of my everyday work, but, yep! I'm determined, all right! I'll get there! I'll do it!

I'm still eating and drinking in front of my work desk (as in., right NOW :) but I'll really try to remember. Just remembering to breathe properly removes the tension from my shoulders, and let me tell you, my shoulders really hurt from tension!

We're embarking on really exciting things this year, and Chi habits is one of them excitements. I'm happy to do this, and to remember doing this.

On negative emotions, I get really cranky when I have a toothache, and with this cool cool weather at night, my phantom teeth are acting up. My health is really catching up with me, but I'm determined, DETERMINED to improve it!

Go me!

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