Monday, January 3, 2011

The Grateful Heart

Today was a busy day.

DS9 developed a bad case of asthma during the night, maybe because of the New Year's Day debris slowly settling toward the ground or maybe because of the dust accumulated around the house, or maybe because of the cold early morning air. Anyway, it left the parents sleepless. I was not expecting such a bad attack, I have all but hidden away his nebulizer because of two years of successful asthma management, and I have been remiss, because I have forgotten where I stashed his nebulizer, and upon finding it, I realized that his ampules were expired! good gads, what a stupid thing to do!


We had to sleep later on during the day, leaving us the morning in bed, and then we had to postpone our trip to Manila in the afternoon. Manila was a nice surprise, it was neither crowded nor dusty, and the cool air (even in the mid afternoon) coupled with a sunny cloud-free day made for good walking weather. We had a few setbacks but managed to tick off most of our to-do's. What we forgot was to bring a water bottle so after a while we got thirsty and we were running late so we didnt have time to take a break.

Anyway, dinner time found us in Quiapo near the mosque, so DH treated me to a chicken place. We both ordered warm bowls of chicken soup, at PhP 60 each. Ten minutes later and still no soup, we decided to try the house specialty of barbequed chicken with a cup of rice each. That order was given to us straight away, with two extra rice for the both of us, which we had to return (yes, no extra rice because we were still waiting for our soup). some three minutes later, our soup arrived, low and behold, each bowl had a ladle (!) and was around 1.2 L each! The soup was pleasantly warm, with vegetables and mushrooms, and we were pleasantly hungry and tired, so it made for a really satisfying feast!

Sometimes I miss the days when I used to cook :) Maybe I should go and make broth that we can just heat up or something so that every meal will have a soupy dish...

But anyway, I came home and did this and that, and logged my expenses in my online calendar and I thought, hey I should go and do my chi habits blog... which is when I realized I forgot my Chi Stance (hehe) and my water and my food, and whatever else, but at least i remembered to blog :) So now I'm doing my chi stance and drinking my water, and when I read through the journalling, I realised that I've been wrong in my approach. This journal is for making sense of my world and dealing with negative emotions so that they dont cripple my outlook on life...

I've developed some negative emotions today, mainly towards the kids (what is this mess?!?), towards my DH (when he complains about my bad habits) and towards DS9 (who is still peeing in his pants!!!) Really it is the little things that drain the chi. Most of the time I just brush off the criticism (that's how I do things, so why should he complain?), or get it out of my chest (as in taking it out on the kids), or end up with a good five minute rant (with DS9). I can actually approach these in other ways, more creative and possibly more effective. I just dont feel like it.

WHY i dont feel like it is a blog for another day :)

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