Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 2.

Here I am again!

I had this little depression that left me asleep 4 hours after my regular wake-up time.

Maybe because of mom issues, my mom is in the kitchen...

Maybe because of hubby issues...

I still dont know where my depression came from but,

It left me with this back ache!!!

My meemo needs attention.

My kids are over the hill with playing left for dead (a zombie game)

My homeschool is shot right now (has been for 3 months!!!)

At least my desk has lost its pile :)

Maybe my desk clean-up caused my mini-depression, showed me my "Unfinished Business" business.

Actually, its all those unfinished business that was piling up my table (and my life!!!)

Which makes day 2's "Defining my Committment" a helluva depressing job (boohoo!)

There we go again.

So i dont really need space, i need to declutter.

Let's say that decluttering my life is my 21 day habit.

Insha Allah I can do this.

I can do this!!!

The bracelet is brilliant BTW.

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