Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 0

This was 2 days ago.

Activity: Read Materials and Contemplate.

I went through the materials, and contemplated a little.

I had to do a million other things, so I wasnt able to look into the DVD.

So i wrote down a few things in my booklet, namely:


1. Pilot the 21-day chi habits booklet set

2. Magpakatao!!!

(this comes from the Hilot POV, self-knowledge)

CHI UP Special Report: Lurvely chair!!!

(my husband bought me a chair my back likes. he says that the chair forces him to sit straight!!! haha)


  1. I forgot to post this: Cleaned up my shelf and desk piles today. My shelf says thank you to 21 day chi habits.

  2. should have taken a pre- and post picture!