Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 3.

On with the show!

I'm continuing with my depression-inducing decluttering exercise...

It's a good thing that the 8 Chi Habits video has energizing excercises

Last night I made it a point to be in bed BEFORE 12 MN, which translated (of course) to 11:45 PM. So I beat the deadline, Yay Me! Try to be earlier tonight, actually, by setting an earlier bedtime (11:30 this time)

Some updates:

1. I've narrowed down my objectives, namely

a. Declutter my desk (spent 2 glorious hours at this so early in the morning.)
b. Identify/list all the things I am "into" at the moment.
c. For my Chi Habits, I'm taking the following intentions:
c.1 Do energizing exercises whenever I feel down (as in, right now!!!)
c.2 Do something (I dont know what yet) whenever I feel like procrastinating (like now!!!)
c.3 1 piece of fruit or vegetable a day (whatever is available, and make some available always)
c.4 Drink Water whenever I go to the bathroom (refill after every release). Doesnt have to be a lot, just a little will do.
c.5 Release tension before dealing with the kids.

2. Guess what?
a. I have 28 things (!!!) in my "I'm INTO" list. I can let go of around 5, but that's it.
b. There are issues I should be prioritizing, but I don't, and issues that I actually do prioritize, that I shouldn't.
c. I should learn to delegate.

3. I did the heart kung fu earlier. THing is, I ended up with a cough (!?!). Bakit kaya? Do I have some blocked energy near my throat? Maybe comes from shouting at the kids :( I DO need to de-stress BEFORE dealing with the kids!!!

I've talked to Dempster about homeschool and he's willing to pick up some load. Willing but not really INTO it, in the way that I'm INTO it (Priority number 1 most times, now priority number Forgotten, but Priority No. 9 for THIS WEEK.) But of course that is expected.

Today's journal says that "adjustment corrections are perfectly in order". I realize that my priority lists should change depending on my schedules. NOt everything is black and white, and my schedule is one of them.

As an aside: I am thinking of interfacing Islamic practices with the 8 chi habits. turns out it's not difficult. Maybe I've been doing the islamic practices with a rigid frame of mind and would just need to adjust to a more fluid frame of mind.


"In the beginning there was Emptiness. Everything else is Opinion."

-Democritus (paraphrased)

I should get the right quotation!
I have chronic lower back tightness (waist to hips). What to do?

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