Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 1.

This was one day ago.

Booklet activity: Start by Understanding. I did part of this the day before, but part which I have not done,

I had two objectives but did not do them because of this and that...

1. Watch 8 chi habits DVD
2. WAtch Chi Stances DVD

Take down notes.


1. I did not open my computer, and

2. I did not have the space in my little booklet to take down notes,,, where to put my notes?!?

I have this little notepad what belonged to my sister some 10 years ago (?!?) that I'm using to put down my notes.

Realistic time... now where can I get that?

Went into a small (micro-sized) depression that left me asleep part of the afternoon, part of the night (so I was not able to do any work), and part of this morning (day 2)

I still dont know where my depression came from.

my back hurts, tho. slept too much.

but that';s news for Day 2, so...

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